On the Road Again: 123/365 SOLSC

There’s a cool breeze blowin’ today with some soft sunshine forcing me up and out of bed to brew the first cup of the day and move around the house, preparing it to be on its own for a few days.

It’s time for an adventure and no matter what, my guitar comes along.  I might not take it out of its case but it has dibs on the back seat. Yesterday as I played for my teacher and shared my travel plans, he fondly remembered when he took his guitar along to Cape May (our destination)  as a kid and played on the streets and cleaned up! Now that’s not my vision but I’m on a roll right now and I can’t let a few days go by without some guitar playing for myself.

Cape May, I was there once in November. Not the best time to be beaching. I spent a Veteran’s Day weekend with a good buddy who was ready to retire and thought that maybe she might want to open a B & B.  This was a weekend just for people to talk to B & B owners about that. By the end of our visit she was turned off to the idea and I was juiced up to return to Cape May and stay in one of the cool spots I had seen.

That was more than 15 years ago, before Tuvia.  Who remembers now? And Tuvia is not a big fan of B & B’s so we are going with a hotel he remembers he liked 30 years ago, but he is open to selecting one of many  B & B’s for next time.

The most important thing: SUNSHINE is essential!

Pics to follow!

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3 thoughts on “On the Road Again: 123/365 SOLSC

  1. Cape May in late June… beautiful! You’re going to enjoy yourself, especially with the heat wave that’s moving in this weekend.

    Safe travels!

  2. Enjoy. I haven’t been to Cape May, but it sounds like it will be beautiful and relaxing.

  3. Hope it was memorably good in all ways.

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