Watching Obama at the Sea: 124/365 NaBloPoMo#16

I’m away from home, walking along a Cape May beach, considering that we might watch the President’s speech in a local restaurant, a new audience in a fresh place but finally no, we didn’t take a risk and return to our hotel room to watch together to make sure we hear every word.

The President is sober and strong and clear, without flowers and drama. Eighteen minutes the MSNBC gang blast him, the CNN pundits bash him and I have to wait for Charlie Rose to offer some necessary, thoughtful analysis.  I wait until midnight and my guy doesn’t disappoint.

First an with an interveiw with Rham Emmanuel post speech and Rham offers his own strong, articulate response and Charlie pushes him gently for more.  Then a familiar group of analyists join him around his well worn oak table.  Doris Kerns, the Game Change guys, a former Exon head, Al Hunt, and a sprinkle of other heads.  Charlie ran the show not with emotion or his own opinions, but with his usual stimulating questions and smooth moves to give all his guests opportunities to offer their insights.  Ahh, my Charlie, we both live for politics. I can’t imagine life without his clear head.  Ah Charlie, Tuvia understands that I need you too before I can sleep.

And now its the light of day and Joe and his gang are up and what happened? Mika is standing up to the Obama critics and even Joe is with the Pres. Wow! All good.

And now,  Tuvia’s up making coffee, and very soon I will be pushed to get moving so my time for writing is coming to an end right as I finish this post and I’m feeling a bit of sun pushing out of the clouds. All good.

Have a good one!

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2 thoughts on “Watching Obama at the Sea: 124/365 NaBloPoMo#16

  1. First – that is a brilliant photograph: love the colors and the symmetry.
    Second – I’m with you on the speech. I am done with “pundits” – both on the right but now on the left. Obama bashing has become a knee jerk response – I don’t think anyone of them was actually listening to what he had to say…except Charlie..thank goodness!

  2. Good to hear that Tara on both fronts,
    Bonnie 🙂

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