Washed Out: 125/365 NabloPoMo #17

Yesterday began cloudy but calm and soon, as walked along the quiet beach the sun found us and came along as we walked into town for a lovely lunch and beyond, into the town and back to the hotel and then as we entered our room for a break, the skies opened up and poured down on our parade and everyone disappeared.

But we were good. Coffee downstairs,  watching the force of the downpour, hoping for clearing and yes we got it!  The key: just go with the flow and keep your expectations low.  We just took a bit of a pivot and enjoyed the place together.

Of course the sunshine is out in full force for our last morning and early departure, but you know, we would come back to Cape May.  It was great to just stroll!

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6 thoughts on “Washed Out: 125/365 NabloPoMo #17

  1. Susan van Gelder

    It’s good to appreciate the weather changes. On holiday we can stop and enjoy – a rainy day brings different moods.

  2. Agreed. Do you know Susan that your URL for your blog is not right? I try clicking to it and it takes me nowhere.

  3. We are in and out of rain clouds so often these days that I just make sure I have a hat and a good book and if I get stuck, I am okay with it. I guess I am getting good at pivoting too.

  4. Love this line: “the sun found us and came along as we walked” … I could just imagine the light, going from grey to glorious as you strolled along to the music of the sea.

    • We had to be very patient and it made it all good. Rain or sun, all good!
      Tara, I like your added line. And Juliann, I agree, pivoting is essential!

  5. I love this grey background with your photo.

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