Surprise on the Way Home:127/365

As I opted for an alternative route on Father’s Day afternoon, I visualized my ride as I prepared to leave the celebration.  I moved my camera into the passenger’s seat just in case.

I would be riding up the mountain with amazing views of the valley and the day was perfect: late afternoon sunshine, clear sky and as I arrived at the designated scenic spot for stopping, I joined a few parked cars.  In one a young woman who looked familiar and seemed to recognize me.

Lucia, at the very end of her 30th high school class reuion was stopping as I was, for moment to take in the view. Thrilled to connect after 30? years, I grabbed this photo to capture the moment.

I may have turned down cake on Father’s Day.  Here’s my dessert!


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7 thoughts on “Surprise on the Way Home:127/365

  1. Susan van Gelder

    Serendipity – I can see why you stopped at this spot for photos.

  2. I knew it was coming and sometimes I’ve passed up these opportunities and I won’t anymore.

  3. That is wild! I think it gets easier to sieze these moments as we get older and perhaps wiser.

  4. dkzody

    Isn’t life wonderful when we take advantage of all it has to offer and not just hurry by.

  5. What a lucky encounter for both of you! A different path, for a change, brought you both what you were hoping for (the view) as well as an unexpected gift (seeing your friend).

  6. Everything in this picture is beautiful.

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