Hit the Road Running:#129/365

As I departed the train at the familiar Baltimore Airport stop and lugged my bags from track 2 to the entrance, two young grad students were welcoming with a large handmade sign in pink:

“Welcome Bonnie Kaplan”

I wanted to , but I just couldn’t stop to put all the bags down to grab my camera from it’s bag and capture the moment. No, I had to let that one go but what a thrill to enjoy VIP status even if I didn’t feel worthy.

Sarah and Thor, fairly new to the DC area,  made our short ride to campus filled with great chatting.  Both came with experience in  other writing projects and with a deep passion to teach, even with the latest obstacles in their way.  Thor is committed  to continuing his work begun in a “good” charter in LA and Sarah, filled with leadership experience, is  poised to consider what she can do in the PD area with teachers.

What a wonderful start to a visit I was so excited about.  A tech leader in digital storytelling?   Yikes!!!!

Patti and Joseph were just finishing up the loose ends of their first day of the Summer Institute at a local junior high school space and my bags moved from Sarah’s car to Patti’s, and Patti took the wheel for campus, we began to catch up instantly.  We were off to meet a small group of grad students, teachers and members of Patti’s IA team- Thor and Sarah for two and Maggie, from our tech team of our initial collaborative conference  would be there with some new members as well, to discuss together issues of technology for my documentation and our use for the upcoming retreat in July. This time I had my own tripod to make my filming life easier.  The group would be small but it would offer us great conversation.

I was poised and excited, remembering that pink sign I was sure created by Sarah.  Sorry to be sexist here but I can tell you, Thor was just along to hold it up high.

Ahhh… so much more to share…

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5 thoughts on “Hit the Road Running:#129/365

  1. Its sounds as though you are off to a great start,Bonnie!

  2. Hi Tara,
    It was great. This happened last week and I am remembering now, selecting a photo for each day to crystalize the experience.

  3. I love that photo you used. The focused set of the arms as they record the class. And I am very interested in the web on the wall, wanting to know what is in the center of the cloud shape.

  4. I am not so sure about the web wall but I could probably get you some info. It was up from the day before my arrival.

  5. I am imagining that sign. I must make one next time I pick someone up at the airport. XD

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