Visiting Maryland U Writing Project:#130/365

Meet a  group of public school  teachers who have just completed a year of teaching and  instead of taking a deserving break they are back in school signed on for a very demanding month of professional development with their local writing project site and they don’t know just what they’re in for. But as demanding as it will be and even though over the course of the month, they might wonder why they aren’t home sleeping late, reading a good novel,  at the end of the day, they will smile and say YES! I am confident that they will feel the NWP transformation.  They have joined a community of learners and that’s hard to find in schools.  I want to say impossible, but maybe somewhere that I don’t know about.

I remember being in this school space last year when I was first invited to present my digital storytelling workshop.  I was back now, more  comfortable as I watched Pam lead a group with . Writing into the Day, MC role. Here their RF take on the roles and I like that.  Next year I will take a back seat.  What will I be doing?  I wonder about that a year in advance, but with so much in education in flux and the fate of the NWP uncertain, no one can say what they will be doing a year from now, so yes, we need to just enjoy what we have.

By 10:00 this group of strangers began to work with me.  For three hours they listened, they wrote personal stories, they watched multimodal compositions and shared their experiences, observations and reflections.  New to this medium, in the space of this three hours in the end, most were ready to move  their drafted stories into the digital medium with Joesph  to support their digital adventure.

As the group left me for a working lunch with their Maryland leaders, I was ready to relax over lunch with Patti and instead of racing back to the train for home I staying for another day to debrief over dinner with Patti and Joseph.

What a way to spend time away from home, observating and sharing with Patti and Joseph at the U of Maryland Writing Project.

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8 thoughts on “Visiting Maryland U Writing Project:#130/365

  1. Why is it so hard to create these learning communities in our schools? We have worked hard at providing this space for our teachers and are met with so much resistance. I crave this work and am fortunate to be on an admin team who values learning together.

  2. What an enriching and joyous scene you describe, Bonnie! I’d love to be a part of such a group – because, sad to say, you are right that this type of community is impossible for us to find in our own separate schools. They were lucky to have you to lead them in this learning adventure!

  3. This photo reminds me of how much I love school. I love the intense focus in this shot, from the people, not the camera.

  4. Way to go — I love that you are sharing your expertise.

  5. @ Juliann, Tara, XO
    Skyping in the AM Kevin,

  6. Lisa

    Why is it so hard to build a community like this within a school? Everyone has lives and priorities. Perhaps a thing like this can’t be forced. I work in a great school with a lot of great teachers, but they are all out the door (for a variety of reasons) within 15 minutes of the students leaving. That’s why I love summer institute courses: Only the really committed people sign up!

  7. Lynnelle

    What a vivid moment you captured! Thanks for sharing Bonnie!!

  8. I’m really looking forward to your guest blog post about your experiences at this year’s NWP Summer Institute. 🙂

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