Bags at the Door: #132/365

At 5:15 AM the sky light lifts me up from a failed attempt to reclaim my needed sleep for our SI opening today.  Instead, I’m anticipating Way Too Early with Willie Geist at 5:30 on MSNBC.  The news show has  been on holiday vacation for the 4th of July weekend.  But there’s no Willie this morning- Mike Barnacle is subbing.

But no matter, I’m up. Nap opportunity is gone for me.  I’ve been writing since 3:45.  Oh well, I’ve been here before and my bags by the door remind me of high school teaching, when they were ready for the coming day  before I went to bed.  They are back now, as I prepare to spend a month with them filled with computers, cameras, books, lunch, everything I will need th HVWP’s Summer Institute experience.

Usually I fight for more sleep, but last night after 5 hours of deep sleep I woke up to Charlie Rose and his discussion with young critics sharing their favorite summer movies, books and music to come. I couldn’t really focus. My waking mind was focused elsewhere. I didn’t fight the darkness and with my computer and iPad nearby I started reading and writing. It’s all here on the web as I moved from blog to blog, tweet to tweet, status updates…

And this photo above, shot just  for this post.

And now time for oj, cereal and coffee…

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6 thoughts on “Bags at the Door: #132/365

  1. How long until you leave? I wish you the best of times on your trip 🙂

  2. I love that feeling of anticipation when you know you area heading off to something great. Enjoy

  3. I love your shots like this – a little window of reality and nowness.

  4. …and the chance to create something new…sounds awesome!

  5. Thanks everyone. A great first day at the Hudson Valley Writing Project.

  6. lynnjake

    So many big bags for such a small computer and an iPad! I wish you the best on this SI! I know you’ll make it so fun for everyone.

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