I’m Back: #132/365 8/1/10

The last day of SI’10.  I was looking forward to it and dreading it.  Isn’t that always the case? Something is wonderful and exhausting. I missed my morning rituals  but for the month of July it was worth it.

I did get to sit on my couch at 6:30 am, but fully dressed as I gulped down a bit of cereal and watched the start of Joe in the Morning on MSNBC.  But there just wasn’t time for writing into my day.  I answered a few important emails and double-checked our Ning for the day and glanced at the clock to watch my time, to comfortably be out the door before 6:45 so I could stop at my  Dunkin’ D for an extra large cup of coffee before I began my journey up the Thurway.

Morning after sunny morning, I was out on the road, watching carefully as I inched closer and closer to 80, pulling back quickly to avoid a ticket. I had my ipod with 7,000 tunes on scramble and a full tank of gas.

I was always ready and always sleep deprived.  I couldn’t ever sleep a full night, there was just too much to keep me awake and that was probably the toughest challenge- a mind always awake.

So next summer, if I’m smart and healthy I will step aside and allow others to step up.  My challenge is to fill the month of July 2011 with new adventures while I still keep something of myself connected to a new group of fellows, the first group who will not find me up front as we begin each day.

And today is the first day of August and the bags under my eyes are fading and my clicking here is taking on a new focus.  I am home again and it feels great.

Feels good to be writing here again!

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3 thoughts on “I’m Back: #132/365 8/1/10

  1. dkzody

    Wow, you really did stay gone all month. I hadn’t been by for awhile, so clicked backwards to see what I had missed. Oh, I had read that post, when you were starting the summer institute. No updates along the way?

  2. I have Delaine, but so good to get a welcome from you! I always promise myself to write in the moments but everything else gets in the way. I’m online for the month but elsewhere. So it’s good to be home with friends.

  3. Welcome back. Love my morning rituals.

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