Early Arrival: 133/365

August 2, 2006: The official start to the second Lebanon war and we were just arriving in Israel even with people wondering if I was in my right mind.  Tuvia was my barometer and gave me the green light.  I don’t think I needed it. Adi was pregnant and expecting any minute.  I was even  hoping she could hold out for my birthday on the 7th and she tried but Mia couldn’t wait.  As we touched down their girl was already out and demanding.  And yes, the incursion had begun but in Tel Aviv a new baby called for celebration.

I remember that visit for its surreal nature.  We welcomed Mia, we walked at the beach and we raced back to the room for war updates.  We were never in danger but I couldn’t keep my eyes from the sky as we walked the city.

Today, 4 years later,  Mia turns 4 as we arrive with balloons at 4:30 am to pick the family up at the airport for their stay in the United States for one year, maybe two so that Mia and Mihael get an immersion in English (3 cheers for me) and Tuvia gets his time to share life with them. There’s no war at the moment back in Israel and Tuvia continues to hope that there never will be again. He has two Israeli grandchildren to wonder about.

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2 thoughts on “Early Arrival: 133/365

  1. christine

    i like it.

  2. @christine How’s your vacation 🙂

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