More Reunions: 137/365

Let the celebrations begin!

Sharon and I met at 8:45 for a short walk at the river before the humidity made it totally impossible and before we met at Strawberry Place with Chels, Alison and her newly married partner, Sarah.

First walking, talking and shooting and then eating and more talking!

Chelsea is expecting her first baby at the end of next month and she is feeling the heat wave as she wobbles in and out of air conditioning.

Around the table, 5 teachers- all three of our students have taken up our passion and made it theirs and given the toxic atmosphere for teachers today, their mettle will be tested in ways that Sharon and I never had to deal with. Just in the few hours at Strawberry Place where we devoured plates of waffles, omeletts and pancakes, and I interviewed Alison and Sarah about their experiences as teachers in Charter Schools and sadly it’s what I expected. Where teachers are led by educators and respected for their passion in a community of learners, schools succeed but in a non union world, the leadership determines a school community.

I am hopeful that these three new teachers can remain in their classrooms and finish as Sharon and I did, loving every minute of it and meeting their students for waffles and strawberries and conversation along their travels.

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6 thoughts on “More Reunions: 137/365

  1. knittnkitten

    As a new (uncontracted) teacher in California who refuses to apply for charter school positions, what do you suggest for me?

  2. t’s tough in the education world public and other. I don’t envy you as a new teacher. Speaking with young teachers, I think you need lots of courage to get through the next few years. But I want to remain hopeful for the future.

  3. knittnkitten

    As someone who believes really strongly in Public Education I’m not so sure I can continue with this. Since I graduated I have added 6 more authorizations to my credential while waiting for a contract. At first they didn’t want teachers with masters degrees, now that’s those seem to be the only teachers who get interviewed. I’m seriously thinking about going back and retraining for another field.

  4. I’m hearing this from so many of my young friends who got teaching credentials on the promise that there would be jobs because all the baby boomers would be leaving. Unfortunately, they are not going quietly into that good night. Many are hanging on way into their 60s, for what reason, I’m not sure. Now, the districts are looking at ways to change evaluation processes to nudge these older teachers out of the classroom. Eventually the jobs will open up, but will the younger prospects still be available?

  5. I just keep myself busy with house projects but I wonder if I’m not getting stale. When I do sub the plans are all there for me, I have a couple of friends with classes and we will occasionally brainstorm units or lesson plans, but beyond that I just show up and make sure nobody gets hurt.

    • Thanks Everyone for weighing in. I wish I were the one in la la land but it seems no, I’ m with you. I do think that there are good older teachers who should be valued and respected for what they can offer at their place in the learning process but it’s now hard for everyone and nothing scares me more than this public way of evaluating teachers with a number, a score. How ridiculous when you think about it. Where is Obama?


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