Students Become Adults: #136/365

Yesterday I met Lilly(4) ,wearing the dress of very pink flowers, one of her favorite colors. Lily, daughter of Brandy, is her youngest of 4  and Brandy, at  35 but has been working hard as a working mom, a wife, and determined student,  patiently dreaming of nursing as her profession.

As an 8th grader, Brandy dreamed of the stage and she was good, amazing in fact and she might have been successful if her life had been different, easier.  She struggled in a complicated family and her school life suffered.  She is still struggling but with courage and conviction.

Would her test scores have shown us what Brandy could really achieve?  Probably not.  If I were judged as a teacher based on Brandy’s scores I wonder, how would I have been assessed?  Is there a test that would have reflected Brandy’s abliity to breathe life into Shakespeare’s Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? I can shut my eyes are see her seated, sharing Helena’s deepest secrets and frustrations.

In my dream school that performance would take care of Brandy. What do you think?

As we left the diner together and Lily was off onto the next adventure in her day, leaving me behind but as I turned to my car and a ride baci up the mountain to home, I heard Lily’s sweet 4 year-old voice call, “Bye, Bonnie”.

Brandy has learned a lot.

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