Minnewaska with Janine: 139/365

No rain yesterday and it was warm, but not oppressive so our hike was on!  I had my Nikon camera for photos and my new Canon for video.  My memory cards were cleaned and my batteries were charged.  In short, I was equipped.  I wore my workout sneakers, not sandals and I had a fresh, cold bottle of water.  But I was still just expecting a casual walk.

Instead, for two hours Janine took me on her favorite path around Lake Minnewaska as I documented our “walk”. Janine  shared the place she loves complete with her Scientific tour  about the glacial rocks,  plants, trees, her teaching Minnewaska with her students and more, so much more. We go back 10 years to the first HVWP SI that I facilitated with our new leadership team.

In between conversations, I needed Janine in the tough spots for a hand and she was there before I knew I needed her.  As we walked and talked and climbed we planned out the next steps in this multimodal compostion for an upcoming conference. I was exhausted by the hike’s end but I’m game for the return when Janine shares the place with her new group of students.

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5 thoughts on “Minnewaska with Janine: 139/365

  1. Sounds like a great hike! Good thing you thought to wear sneakers instead of sandals. 😀 I love Lake Minnewaska. No swimming after the hike?

  2. Hi Nancy,
    It was a great day and I love my new set of photos and probably some interesting video. But no swimming! I don’t carry around a suit for that. But I did take a great shower when I got home! 🙂

  3. knittnkitten

    Sounds challenging, but we know you like a challenge. It looks beautiful, and well worth it!

  4. Susan van Gelder

    Nothing like a hike, beautiful views and friendship.

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