Talmeda Tovah: 140/365

It’s the morning after and I’m feeling so much better than usual.  For the last few weeks, maybe months, I’ve been waiting until the day before, to prepare for  my online Hebrew class.  It’s not easy working with Tuvia; we have different approaches to learning and teaching but this week no matter what, I was determined to get to it earlier than the day before.

It’s been getting harder with Rivka, not that she puts pressure on us but the work is getting harder and it’s more embarrassing if I don’t study.  Both Peggy and Yehuda are coming to the table more prepared and all that is fueling me. So  I worked this week on this first on 6 pages of reading and understanding and I couldn’t have done it without Tuvia.  So I’m going to keep at it, I hope 🙂

If I hadn’t studied, it would have been torture when my turn came. Only two of us for class.  Boy did it feel good.

I am smiling….smiling…

And shouldn’t I have known better?


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2 thoughts on “Talmeda Tovah: 140/365

  1. Susan van Gelder

    The older I get the harder I find certain kinds of learning – but these challenges keep our brain supple and open us to new adventures.

  2. I totally agree Susan.

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