Plesantville Farmers Market: 141/365

A perfect day for a stroll down just one outdoor aisle of booths and I was ready for it. But time was a bit tight but just a bit.

On my own it would have been a no brainer and I probably would have  kept my hands in my pockets, just strolling and gazing, but I was not alone and my partner is not a shopper and not a stroller down a crowded aisle.

I could have strolled solo but I know Tuvia well enough to know that my time would have been very measured and yes it was true we were on our way to the movies.

Did I really care?

No, not really.  It was just food without crafts, so I caved, yes I caved. No big deal here and we moved on together.

My serious craft fair is coming in early September and I enjoy that one solo!

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2 thoughts on “Plesantville Farmers Market: 141/365

  1. I wish we had a farmers market, or even better, a craft fair! When I was younger, and living with the parents still, we used to go to this huge craft fair in Arkansas, near where we lived… I think it was called War Eagle? Anyhow… it was HUGE, and would take an entire day to go through the booths there.

    Have fun in September, and take pictures!

  2. You bet ifer! Good to see you back here. How are you?

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