Just before the Darkness:142/365

I was sure that I did not have a light on in my bedroom but from the livingroom, just down the hallway the light was bright.  As I stood and walked down the hall I could see the light from the windows and I ran for my camera, neatly packed away in its case.

Grabbing it out of its tight compartment I set it and yanked the Nordic Track away from the perfect window perch, moved the curtains and clicked once, twice, three times… One shot had to be good.

Actually all three were good and I wished that I could race outside for a possible great shot but I knew my window of opportunity was fleeting.  I would settle this time.

But here it is and I remember the light…

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2 thoughts on “Just before the Darkness:142/365

  1. That is absolutely stunning… those are the kinds of pictures I wish I could take.

    And those are the kinds of sunsets that once inspired a friend of mine to say that sometimes… you can hear the symphony in the sunset.

  2. @ifer Thanks so much for responding so quickly and so positively. I loved the moment but I’m glad you did too,

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