What I Take with Me

This is the family I grew up with: me, my mom, dad and two brothers. My parents are fragile today but still live in their home, our childhood home. My brother Jeff lives just one street over, and my brother Rick and I live just an hour away. Sure their grandchildren have flown farther, but it’s funny how we remain just a ride away.

My mom and I spent a lot of our time together as I grew up in our small town. She was my role model as she stood tall and proud and positive and always put together. I wobbled as I grew up in her shadow until I realized it was okay to come down to earth off the heels and get as comfortable in shoes that were right for me.

My mom always looked good, always put together, but she didn’t really care much about fashion so I wasn’t pressured to keep up with the fashion of the day. What she loved was soap operas on TV, movies, music and books. I took all of that with me and turned our shared passion into my calling.

My mom turned 92 in July. She reads the local newspapers every morning with my dad and continues to watch the few soaps still on the air with her overweight dog in her lap. She is frail and wears only what feels comfortable for sitting and when I call her early each morning, she is not thrilled with her life on the couch but can still carry on a stimulating conversation after she figures out how to turn down the volume on her state-of-the-art flat screened TV.

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2 thoughts on “What I Take with Me

  1. lynnjake

    Oh Bonnie, I love this image of you and your family. Thanks for sharing it. I’m thinking a lot about mine lately as well.

  2. Thanks friend! 🙂

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