Big Weekend Moving into October SOLT

Activity has been holding back my writing into the day.  How can that be?  Don’t you need something to write about?

But what if you just don’t know where to begin?

That’s me!

So I’m going to begin with this photo and see where that takes me.

A ride into New York City on the West Side Highway.  Tuvia is driving and I am  clicking away in the passenger’s seat with my trusty, pocket-sized point and shot in hopes that there would be something to keep from the batch and yes, this one’s not bad:  eerie sky over the Hudson. I love the splash of light, don’t you?

Early on a Sunday evening we are sailing down the highway leaving lots of time to get to be east side for a lecture at the 92nd St Y, with one last event of the weekend. Actually it’s Tuvia’s birthday and unlike me, he prefers not to really celebrate.  No gifts allowed!  No cake and singing! But over time he has softened to a dinner for two, a few phone calls from family with good wishes but that’s it!

Saturday we went to a movie, The Social Network and then to a great dinner at my favorite restaurant, lunch on Sunday with my parents and this lecture at the Y featuring Zippi Livni, from Israel.

WE have come a long way compromising on celebrations.  It takes time to get used to a partner’s eccentricities don’t you think?

There’s a lot more to write about but I think that’s the SLICE I really want to share.

Now to post and read and leave some comments.


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8 thoughts on “Big Weekend Moving into October SOLT

  1. Oh how I miss the 92nd Street Y! I used to live a few blocks away from there. I was a unit supervisor for Camp Yomi before I started teaching. I used to attend Ceramics classes there. I took cooking classes through Makor. Nothing like this exists in Central PA. The memories, though, are everlasting.

  2. Why am I not surprised 🙂 I actually feel the same. When I first moved from Ellenville to Rockland County I was befriended by a group of lovers of the 92nd Y and religiously we became members of the Poetry Center and for years showed up most Monday nights for dinner on 3rd and a great walk over to Lexington for something wonderful at the Y. Now we come in for events, but I’m not a member anymore and I miss it.

  3. Happy Birthday, Tuvia! It sounds like you had a lovely, New York-y celebration…

  4. Is your blog format different or have I just not been able to enjoy it this way before? I took a nice trip through your blog. I love that I have a window to the other side of the country through your lens.

  5. @ Tara, I will pass of the B day greetings to him discreetly. :). I think it was a weekend he loved but I know he’s glad to spotlight is off him for another year.

    @sunflower, this is my photo blog and I’ve been using this format for a long time but I do have two blogs I write on. Thanks for the great feedback!

  6. Ah yes, getting used to each other is one of the best joys of a long relationship, imho. XD

  7. I miss the Y. I used to work at the school on 95th st. and Lexington and I would take my students on many trips there to see the various performances they offer to school children.

  8. Susan van Gelder

    New relationships as older adults – well worth it, but a challenge to learn each one’s eccentricities and where compromise is important.

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