Dueling Conferences SOLT October 26th.

I was set to attend the NYSEC conference in Albany last week.  It’s a wild ride because the conference has long ago outgrown the conference and still we keep going to the Desmond.  Way too many people for me, but I was going.  No pressure.  No workshops to give. All I had to do was just show up and enjoy. I would be driving with my buddy Mary and sharing a room with her.  All I had to do, was show up.  Mary was leading a workshop that I had helped with and looked for to the conversation about the ed reform issue, my favorite!

And there would be an annexed meeting of our NWP State Network and I was looking forward to that group of buds.

Then when I was set and even looking forward to my road trip and time with Mary, but buddy Jackie presented an alternative and I couldn’t say no.

Jackie was the only one of us available to receive an award from the conference in Saratoga from the State Association of College Professors. She didn’t want to go alone.  She hoped I would join her and I present a digital piece about our writing project she knew I was working on.  I said yes right away, figuring I could do both conferences.  I could ride up with Mary on Wednesday and somehow hook up with Jackie on Thursday. Saratoga is close by.

Okay, set!  I could do it all….

But wait?  Could I?

I wondered more and more…

Finally, I opted out of Albany even though I wanted to be there, but I saw the look on Jackies face and I had to keep it sincere and simple.  Mary was totally fine with my opt out and I began to concentrate on getting my digital piece ready… it was right down the wire…

We accepted the “surprise” award on Thursday, during lunch and then we were on our own until the presentation session the following day.

We ate along with SUNY’s retiring Dean who was sweet and happy to have us around. We said thank you and ou the door to take on Saratoga and then get back to the work at hand.

I wondered what Mary was doing in Albany.  I did miss the ESWPN group and their plans for education reform, but I was still happy I made my decision. There was no going back.

My piece was done, officially at 6:30 am.  Plenty of time to shower, dress, have breakfast and return to the room for an hour nap. After all, I’d be driving 3 hours to get home after lunch.  I was ready when we arrived early to set up and chat with Bob.

All good… and then there were 4 participants. Bob, the woman who announced the award and the woman who had just presented a workshop to one person just before us.

You know, I said I didn’t care that we had so few people  but you know, I didn’t really care.  The four we had were a good 4.  The very best four…

I left with Jackie on a sunny day with a new piece.

I did miss Will Richardson and Laurie Anderson speaking there but what can you do?

It was a great road trip with Mary…no, Jackie this time!


And it was fun to write this as I’m watching Rachel Maddow sitting next to Tuvia.

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One thought on “Dueling Conferences SOLT October 26th.

  1. Speaking of conferences, Ruth and I want to make plans to get together with you in Orlando. Maybe we can do breakfast again. Or lunch will work too.

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