HVWP at 10: Done? #155/365

I am done, almost.  A new piece for our writing project and this version is a revision and it has taken days, weeks, lots of thinking time, lots of sitting with my dueling computers writing, rewriting on the 13″, working the Final Cut software on the 17″. Selecting photos and deleting, wondering what I can’t leave in/out.

The original version debuted to an audience of 4, the second at a conference presentation of approximately a dozen but here on the internet, let the viewing begin.  It’s up on Vimeo now HVWP at 10 and I have sent it on its way to a number of “friends” in my address book and the responses are coming in and then what?  What happens to it and what feedback do I really want and how do you give feedback to digital pieces? Answers to consider…

As for the process: Different than personal pieces. This one demanded the voices of our site to sit with me and consider: what was left out? Who’s the audience???

It was great to put this together alone and then with my buddy Jackie who has been working with me for years.  I’m wondering too, when do more of us get messy in the digital world.  We maintain as a writing project that you have to write to teach writing.  Now does everyone need to create a digital story to truly understand what goes into its creation and how then do you respond to a piece?

Interesting thoughts to consider…

What do you think?


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6 thoughts on “HVWP at 10: Done? #155/365

  1. It should be featured on your HVWP website, for sure, and I would add it to the NWP Leader Ning site, too. This is a great model of site inquiry via digital storytelling, Bonnie. And such inquiry is valuable not just for you and your folks now, but for folks coming down the road into your site: a collective memory.

  2. Hi Bonnie…how do I find this???

  3. How cool is this? There was such a great flow from the inspiration at the beginning to the way the project evolved and grew to encompass new directions and embrace new ideas. Once my eyes are “fixed” (I need corneal transplants, as it turns out) I want to see if I could be part of something like this in Northern Jersey.
    Thanks, as always, for sharing, Bonnie!

  4. Thanks Tara and yes I’m sure there’s a writing project near you. Sorry to hear about your eyes.

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