31 Days of Thanks: Day 5


As much as I’d like to see some snow, I’m thankful that it didn’t snow as I drove to my brother’s today or as we returned.  But it would be nice to see some right now! 🙂

Chanukah family celebration- the lights of the menorahs are breathtaking

Singing the prayers as a family.

Woody Allen’s 4 minute opening to his movie, Manhattan. (It changed my life)

Fighting for the NWP!  I owe them.

My fingers, itching for the guitar fretboard in the bedroom.

Chicken burgers on Tuvia’s grill even in December.

Starting a new book tonight. There’s a lot to choose from on my iPad.



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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Thanks: Day 5

  1. lynnjake

    I’m thankful for a window of good weather yesterday so I could take a photo walk with my new camera, for which I’m also extremely thankful.

    I’m thankful for a great night and morning with my granddaughter and her funny little dog.

    I’m thankful I could find my car in the Costco parking lot tonight when I came out and it was pouring rain.


  2. And are you thankful that as we move into winter, the only snow you will see is what’s falling from this blog?

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