Returning Home Unexpectedly: Day 13 SOLT

It was a dreary day today, so I’m not grateful in any way for that!

I was scheduled to meet my great friend Sharon for lunch and for that yes, I was very grateful.

I was expecting that we would lunch at the mall near my house, munching on a funky salad and a piece of dark bread at the Cheesecake Factory but no, it wouldn’t fit for her and I could afford to  be flexible.  So  Pearl River it was; Pearl River where I used to “live” where I spent more than half of my teaching career and I can’t remember the last time I stepped inside the doors of the school.

An hour with Sharon, 10 minutes at the bank and I was ready to head for home.  But how could I not stop at school and I had this challenge for shoot something for my daily blog. So  I made a spontaneous pit stop. I didn’t get out of the car but I did find a spot to grab for this post.

This mound, a few trees, now a bench as well. It’s a spot I was grateful for.  It was right outside the back of the school, close to my classroom.  I could take a class outside from time to time without asking permission.  We could practice play scenes, we could share stories, we could shoot photos.  We had freedom. As a teacher, I had freedom- not total freedom but as long as we didn’t take off our clothes, we didn’t drink or smoke pot, we didn’t disturb other classes, we could be there and I was trusted to be using our time together constructively.  Sometimes my principal, Bob would stroll outside and join us, curious to find out what we were doing.

I am remembering… and I’m grateful that I was a respected teacher.  I hope that teachers at PRHS  can still use this mound and I hope they feel as respected as I did when this place was  my “home.”



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11 thoughts on “Returning Home Unexpectedly: Day 13 SOLT

  1. stuckinmypedals

    I have a spacious patio right out the back door of my classroom. It’s round and wonderful and we do lots of things out there. Nobody else uses it, so it feels like it’s my own private haven with my little ones. Isn’t it nice to have sacred little places like your mound and my patio?

  2. lynnjake

    I used to take my students outside to sit under trees in a mounded area much like this one. Sometimes we went because it was too hot in the classroom, but mostly we went because we needed a break from chairs and tables and so many straight lines. I don’t do that much at my new school. I’ve taken the older kids out a couple of times and it was great. But the kids that I spend most of my day with? Nope. I tried it twice and it just didn’t work. I miss being able to go out and sit under the trees. There was something special out there.

    Thanks for sharing this special spot, Bonnie.

    • Lynn, this daily challenge is keeping me back on my toes. During my “vacation” I realize that I really missed the sweet pressure.

  3. We all have our spots, don’t we, where we can take our kids outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and allow the freedom of that environment to think in new ways. I love how my students react when it’s time to move the classroom outdoors – they are so gloriously happy!

    • I wish everyone felt the way we do about this Tara. Is sounds like a lot of young kids are chained to their desks. No time for play, just learning! UGH

  4. First, brown bread at Cheesecake Factory… YUM!
    Second, your post reminded me of an article from the Sunday Times, which was buried in the front section. Not sure if you read it yet, but in case you haven’t, here’s the permalink:

  5. I think I did read it Stacey, but I reread it and shared it on twitter. Here’s one on the new #2 Ed guy in NYC. Interesting. More Tests, Better Tests:

  6. emramona

    I want a mound! Thanks for the reminder of the importance of getting outside. I’m on the second floor in our middle school, buried down a wing, probably one of the furthest from getting outside if there ever really were a fire… I am grateful for my wall of 6 big windows facing southeast though. Still, you encouraged me to seek fresh air once in a while (aside from opening my beautiful windows) 🙂

    • :), It’s funny about that mound, I totally forgot about it until I was back the other day looking for a shot. There it was, still green and with a few benches. And when I selected it to write about the visuals returned. These challenges are fantastic!
      Thanks for coming for a visit 🙂

  7. Yes I can see all that happening at the mound.
    When your site loaded and I saw the picture, the word dreary came to my mind.
    Dreary days aren’t all bad, they seem more quieted down and restful and cozy, imho.
    I love seeing the snow falling.

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