Good Morning: Day 15

It’s Day 15 and I am feeling very grateful this morning.

My major responsibility for renewing our NWP grant, our Summer Institute ’10 report, has been worked on, revised, shared, revised again and I moved on to its next set of readers/editors as it is placed in the larger grant.  My section has moved on and the pressure I’ve been feeling as well.

It helped that I didn’t have to start the writing. Katelin, my SI co-facilitator began that.  I got on Sunday and by Monday morning I was on it, off and on… Then it was really Monday night and all day yesterday (well not all day) that kept me focused because there was a deadline.  I had to get it back to Katelin in the laternoon and Tuvia would be ready to get out for a coffee as well.

Great timing… done and sent… and by the time we were back, I had Katelin’s last draft  to read.  I am grateful that our section is out and I am grateful that my part was shared.  I’m grateful that I can begin something new…:)

But first, as Tuvia opts for the NY Times in its paper version, I am grabbing my copy in my email box. Sunday I have to read the paper version though.

Have a good one.  Stay warm if you are on the east coast.


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