A New Project: Day 20 & SOLT

Day 20

I am just about to begin a new multimodal  challenge and even though I’m not clear about what I will do this mass of video now all uploaded and ready to make sense of  I am sooo grateful for this challenge.  What’s life without unease?

I am working with a group of 8th grade Dover teachers willing to take on a challenge in learning working alongside their students at a time when the status quo is the name of the game, and I’m along for the ride.  What a privilege!


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6 thoughts on “A New Project: Day 20 & SOLT

  1. New challenges are always so much fun! I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of this one, and to starting my own challenge in the new year.

  2. A new multimodal challenge… sounds mysterious. Will we learn more information about this in the upcoming weeks? (I hope so!)

  3. @ Stacey and ifer… You will know what’s going on! 🙂

  4. Brave Bonnie! Go for it…I’m just dipping my toes into digital storytelling with my sixth graders – your new adventure sounds so space age!

  5. You accept the most amazing opportunities! Can’t wait to see where this work takes you.

  6. Status quo – I agree, it’s abominable! I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing more about this new project from you.

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