Old Stomping Grounds: Day 21

Day 21

After a long wait at my local Toyota dealership and news that the wait would be even longer and more costly, my timing was perfect. I caught a ride to lunch with Sharon to meet old  PR school buddies.  Four of us shared a booth.  I sat across from Sharon and we ordered the exact same lunch, again, like old times.

I don’t know what she was thinking about, but I was remembering the meals we gobbled down in this booth; a food break  in between a full day of teaching and an upcoming evening of  play rehearsal.

Our last play together was six years ago.  I don’t know if it feels like ancient history or “just like yesterday. It’s our shared past, a  past that has served as a foundation for our present and future friendship as we ride our retirement with as much challenge and passion as we worked together on those plays: Sharon behind the scenes, me, out in front and together our  collaborations shared with great kids and teachers, kept our imaginations charged throughout our 20 years together.

So back at the Grand Saloon sharing the booth Joy and Alice, even under new ownership the trains over the bar keep chugging along, just like us!

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