Bread: Day 26

Bread at Panera  Day 26

I remember once my 10th grade bio teacher sat down with a small group of us and casually shared his New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  He believed that all he would have to do was stop eating bread.  I was amazed.  Bread?  That’s all?

He was firm.  Yes, of course! And he did stop and he did lose some weight but he couldn’t stay away from it and gained it back and then some.   But I felt that he still looked good. John Phillips.  I loved his class.

But bread?  I  didn’t get its power until Panera Bread shops started appearing everywhere and bread took me prisoner. I finally understand its power!

Bread though has been replaced recently by Crumbs cupcakes, especially their Red Velvet. Fantastic Poison 🙂

Yesterday I kept my intake light during the day to let myself go with a plate of Crumbs and a vodka cranberry to wash them down.

I’m thankful that it’ s the morning after and NO GUILT! Now for an hour on the Nordic Track! I’m thankful for a new day, a clean slate!

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