Survival Kit: Day 28 and SOLT

Since Sunday afternoon I’ve been inside, actually in my PJs and I think, I’m still sane because I have this survival kit to keep me engaged:


POWER even with the wind charging against my building on both sides

I have COFFEE and fat free Half & Half and enough food for a week.

I have my  COMPUTERS, with a loaded iPAD, iPODTV and Phone

I have my GUITAR,

I have a FIREPLACE and CANDLES for mood

And most importantly I have PROJECTS

And just last night as I finished my online Hebrew class I started working on my new digital piece for Dover Middle School.  So far, I don’t have the story with a  due date in a few weeks I’m  up now at night. So Stacey, while my body isn’t keeping me up, my head is driving me crazy…

Will I shower today and get out?

Tuvia is off on Tuesdays and thinks it’s insane to stay inside for over 24 hours so he will be here to drag me out if  I don’t go willingly…

What about you?  What did you do yesterday?

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16 thoughts on “Survival Kit: Day 28 and SOLT

  1. Lisa

    I love days when I am “trapped” indoors. I feel like I get my best creative work done on those days. How much snow do you have?

  2. It doesn’t seem like there’s so much out there but with the wind and the cold it made it impossible to drive and just watching the world on TV, wow, what a mess. I have to be in NYC tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  3. Since it does not happen often, I relish those “trapped indoors” days. I think it’s because of those PROJECTS you mentioned at the end of your list. I, too, stayed in my pjs, sometimes dressed up with a bathrobe, and mulled over my projects: organizing closets, dreaming up new ways for the Lewis and Clark project, figuring out a way to shape my personal writing projects, and listening to the wind swoosh up the snow and carry it across the deserted streets. Why would I ever want to break the mood of the moment?!

  4. I’m with you Tara :)!

  5. Just as you, I stayed in all day (sans the PJs) and played on the computer. It really is an endless source of learning and entertainment, isn’t it. Today however, I feel driven to get out and “accomplish something!” I need to practice my walking and driving on snow so I don’t operate in fear for the next few months. And I need to take care of important business that I’m procrastinating on.

    • Hi Gail,
      I need to get moving now off this computer. TIme for movement but I’m not yet ready to get outside. I am not a lover of the cold. I do need to get working but that involves returning to the screen. So for now, I’m off.
      Have a good one today,

  6. I should’ve contacted you in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep!

    LOVE your survival kit. I think you’ll be able to stave-off cabin fever with all of that, right?

  7. Trapped indoors, what a nice idea. We could really use a new blanket of snow here in Michigan. I keep hoping to get a fresh batch each day, but flurries, much like what your screen depicts is all we have gotten lately, and temps are suppose to rise. UGH! Enjoy being trapped with your kit 🙂

  8. I have spent a lot of the break snuggling in my house in pajamas – just hoping nobody would come knock on my door! I hope that you continue to enjoy your break. I love your picture accompanying the post. It is always fun to see which picture you will have!

  9. I’m sure you and everyone around you are probably sick of the snow already but I would love to experience that at least once. To be trapped indoors with family and/or friends and some good books, good music, yummy food and drinks would be something fun! I know, I know, you’re probably wanting to see a supermarket by now but it looks like you’re well prepared for day#whatever of the storm.

  10. It was fun to read about your survival kit and reflect on what I would put in my own – many of the same things! I’m glad I’ve got the whole house because my “projects” seem to use so much of it!

  11. lynnjake

    Oh, my. What a snowstorm you’ve all had this last week. I feel like we have it easy here – only wild wind and rain, but even that has only lasted a day or so at a time and it’s been interrupted by brilliant sunshine. I love the idea of a pj day to surf around, read, and do some arty project. But I do know that the romance wears off rather more quickly than one would expect. I hope you’re able to get out today. I’m sure Tuvia will make sure you do!

    • Out yesterday and today. The city is a mess but here it’s white and nice. Winter is always fun in the beginning but soon the novelty will wear off!

  12. I took my family to the airport yesterday, reluctantly.
    My survival kit would definitely include coffee. That’s why I grow some too.

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