Soup on Day 2/365


On Day 2 of 2011, it’s not pretty out there, but no new snow so how bad is it really!  No way I can remain a couch potato so in just a minute I promise to get myself up and prepared for the gym and a session with weights.

Now you might think that that’s merely a New Year’s Resolution but no way.  The Gym is eternal, I hope!

Have a good one,


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7 thoughts on “Soup on Day 2/365

  1. lynnjake

    I love this image. It is three-dimensional for me, sort of. The snowfall provided by WordPress adds movement to the snowy-cold photo in this post. Very cool effect. Now I’m closing the lid as well!

  2. I love the wordpress snow. I’d like something all year… different forms of weather. Oh well… Posterous automatically shares on FB… :)… and now…the lid lowers…

  3. This looks like my morning walk – all misty snow and vapors. Now for the treadmill!!

  4. The image above looks especially good because you turned the “snow on” for the blog.
    Maybe you would be interested in the Fit42 challenge at
    Since you’re already in the workout frame of mind. Hat tip to Steve Dembo for creating the challenge.

  5. Yes, the gym or whatever exercise needs to be eternal. Let’s see what excuse can I use today?
    Love your snow pics.

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