Early Monday: Day 3/365

It’s the first Monday of 2011 and I am up with Morning Joe at 6 am and I am glad to be back to my usual routine and what’s different?

For political junkies, a lot!

The Republicans will take the House this week and I am holding my breath.  Will Obama step up and take leadership?

And… how will this impact on public education, the National Writing Project and the poor and me?

On Saturday we got to see Inside Job, a documentary about the economic disaster of 2007-8 and its impact.

While it feels a bit too one-sided, it is eye-opening  and now that it is getting award attention, more theaters may show it. It should be seen and talked about now that we will be asked to sacrifice and take responsibility for the economic disaster that has most impacted the old poor and created a new poor.

So when the newly elected Representatives demand sacrifice, just who are they talking to? The 1% with the money or everyone else?

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3 thoughts on “Early Monday: Day 3/365

  1. It does feel good to watch “Morning Joe..Slow…Ho.” And being a political junkie can’t wait for the 112th to gravel in. It’s gonna be trippy and may make the class of 94 appear sane. Good post &


  2. This day is giving me much agita – the headlines in the Times and on Huffington Post were ominous. I am tired already!!!

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