Fresh Tuesday: 4/365 SOLT


This was oh so last week.  A fresh snow on my porch and the New Year was approaching and I was feeling all the good cheer and today, just a week later we are all 2011.  Christmas trees are stacked at the garbage bins and there’s just a remnant of the outside lighting and the night sky is darker.

I loved last week.  I loved two years ago at just this time as Washington was preparing for an inauguration and I was buying my outfit to join in the celebrations.

It’s  two years later and I’m nervous.  I want that fresh snow again. Some might feel we will have it as the Republicans take the House.  Not me!

I hope I’m wrong here but I don’t feel good about a budget committee that might slice and dice education programs.  This morning I listened to a conversation about ending taxes on billionaries. I’m nervous.

Anyone else feel my fears?  Feel free to blast through my black cloud on this crisp, winter morning.

I might have to come back and add more to this post, it’s just too gloomy. 🙂

I’m going to check out the first set of Slices for 2011 at Two Writing Teachers.  Join me.

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21 thoughts on “Fresh Tuesday: 4/365 SOLT

  1. As I went back to work yesterday, I had a sense of gloom – in addition to the national news, there was too much ice on the roads, not enough snow removal going on, so many folks with tales of illness and financial woes. Today I am going to try and focus on how I can be an impact in my own corner of the world – what I can do to make it just a little warmer, a little kinder. I bet you can do something too.

    • Juliann, I hate to hear that. Let’s keep the spirit strong. There’s a March on Washington scheduled by teachers who aren’t waiting for Superman at the end of July.

  2. I am trying to keep the faith…some of the progress in the lame duck session has me hopeful. We’ll see…

  3. I be feeling your fears. What is that GOP thinking? Why first up with health care repeal? Have been re-reading Hofstadter’s “Anti-Intellectualism In American Life.” While 50 years old the book feels “ripped from today’s headlines.”

    Saw the RNC Chair debate yesterday via C-Span. Jaw dropping.

    Great Snapshot….and Oh..did you see where Scotus Chief Roberts is to swear in Boehner’s staff.


  4. Bonnie —
    I’m copying your first paragraph for my writer’s notebook. The way you made me feel extreme feelings with just a few words is remarkable.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I avoid the news and politics for this reason. I get my info through Jon Stewart and my husband and find it more palatable and less ominous. XD

  6. Yup Yup double yup. Ostrich’s unite! Lets put our heads in the sand and pretend no one is out there – probably about the way it will be the next two years anyway!!

  7. I feel sad that education is not valued here in the USA. It seems to me that Education is our society’s whipping boy. We blame schools and teachers for failing to fix our humongous world problems. we often are a safe target for equally frustrated citizens.

    • Ruth, someone recently asked me if I missed teaching and I quickly responded, no! And then I softened my response and the working teacher stopped me. ” I understand. It’s tough to be in the classroom now.” It wasn’t when I was teaching, just 5 years ago. Still respect more than not.

  8. Lisa

    I like your metaphor! The world seems to full of possibility when it is covered with snow.

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