Plants & Zombies, Imagine!: 4/365

I am not a GAMER!

Correction: I have never been a Gamer and that was before yesterday.  I spent a good chunck, on and off my iPad playing Plants and Zombies.


In fact I was struggling with the keyboard now.  I played until 3 am in a dark bedroom with only the backlight of my iPad.


I get this game and it’s FUN!

A first for 2011!


Any other games to suggest?

PS. I did try Angry Birds.  Didn’t like it.  SuperMario Bros… that’s where I once began and ended in just one afternoon.  Where was I going?

And now I am moving up and out to the gym, with my iPad but focused on a good read instead.

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6 thoughts on “Plants & Zombies, Imagine!: 4/365

  1. That’s hysterical! How quickly we can get hooked on a game. Years ago it was my addiction to Dr. Mario. That was my attempt to bring order to the chaos of my life.
    I don’t “do” games now but I know I could. Wait a minute, I play Spider Solitaire for at least and hour each evening. Gues I’m in denial here as well!

  2. Lisa

    I was hooked on Tetris for many years. Something about organizing the blocks really appealed to my brain. Soon, I was organizing everything and trying to get things to fit together like a puzzle. I had to stop! 🙂

    • I love the challenge of each new level of Plants and Zombies. I can do it and there’s always something different but the challenge is doable but not too easy

  3. Bejeweled. Words with Friends.

  4. lynnjake

    Oh my gosh, I’m surprised. I dropped my farm on January 1. It had gotten to be too time consuming and just a little boring. I still play a little Mahjong and Solitaire on my phone. Well, and WWF of course. I usually have at least 4 games of that going. I’ll have to take a look at Plants and Zombies – although if it kept you up all night, I am a little afraid of it!

  5. oh tetris I love it and so many others. Must stay away, must stay away.

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