My Snow: 7/365

My history with SNOW in one word: DYNAMIC!

As a KID is was all good: outdoor play, snow days, fires in our fireplace, hot chocolate, reading in bed for hours. The pace of life slowed down unexpectedly.  Yes, all good!

As a YOUNG ADULT with a car: MIXED! It was good still to wake up to the beauty of the world around me, snow days continued to be wonderful especially jogging in a light storm. Of course as high school drama director  with a play every year during the winter months, there were play rehearsals and performances that had to be tweaked but it was good for building my problem-solving muscle. BUT I was arrogant and refused to let a good winter storm in the Catskills hold me down and back.  So I would drive in almost ANYTHING. Big mistake!  There were snow accidents. Nothing tragic for me or the other person, but my cars took some tough blows.

One day I did grow up but it took a long time, TOO LONG!

MATURITY: I have come to LOVE SNOW as a watcher, as a walker, but I don’t DO SNOW anymore, not in a car.  I watch weather reports carefully and refuse to drive in it. REFUSE as a driver or passenger.  I have lost my arrogance on the road and instead I create white knuckles.  Even Tuvia has been a bit more respectful.

So today we are having one of those lovely unofficial snow days and here’s my view of the world as I get ready to exercise with Billy Blanks and his TAE BO workout!

But there’s always tomorrow.  Do we meet or do we postpone?  Nothing official yet.

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2 thoughts on “My Snow: 7/365

  1. I hate driving in the snow, but the drive back from school was magical – a true winter wonderland.

  2. Susan van Gelder

    I do drive in snow in the city – but fully understand that watch the weather report mentality. When I have to hit the highways I always hope for lots of leeway in travel deadlines so I can work around the storms. But snow is oh so beautiful – your view even comes into your house.

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