Last Night at the Winery with Noa: 11/365 SOLT

I thought it would be a disaster.  We arrived at the City Winery in the Village early  to see an Israeli singer that both Tuvia and I have been listening to since my brother first shared her with us.  Born in Israel, Noa  spends a great deal of her life here and there singing and composing music with her husband in both Hebrew and English and  even though I understand more of her work in English, I prefer the authenticity of  her songs in Hebrew.  She has spent a great deal of her life working for peace between Arabs and Israelis.  I love that too.

So last night I was excited and managed to secure two seats up close to the stage for her first performance a the CW, but what was I thinking?

As we were escorted to the table I realized that our seats would be right in front of a giant speaker.   I tired to change them but the alternatives were far from the action, so Tuvia and I sat down  and began to problem solve.   Maybe it was  a few sips of that drink I ordered  to calm down but spontaneously  my left hand found its way to the stage andmoved that giant speaker in front of me on that empty stage, one inch, two, a bit more, angled now to the right to open my viewing area and move the sound away from me, just a bit , just enough.  Tuvia insisted I move it just another few inches more and we were totally ready for the lights to dim, the noises to silence and Noa to begin.

No need to complain, the sound came from one guitar at a time and what was I thinking?

No wild, out of control electric guitars , just  soft, sweet accoustics with an extra kick of sound to be heard everywhere in the room. Noa played a few sets of bongos, her husband shared guitars with her and new jazz pianist made it a trio.

And from my vantage point I could  listen and watch and film to my heart’s delight with no obsturction. Two hours of live ACHINOAM NINI (NOA)


A good, good night in the Village with Noa at the City Winery.

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7 thoughts on “Last Night at the Winery with Noa: 11/365 SOLT

  1. Annie Campbell

    I can hear the strum, the beat, the hope, the courage, the love, the night embraced. Thanks, Bonnie!

  2. Hi Annie,
    It was a great night and go know about the sound…all good!

  3. Love that “problem solving”! Sounds like a wonderful evening – good for you both!

  4. That seems like a lovely evening for you and Tuvia.

  5. What a great date. I love how you made me hear the sounds through your writing. As always, thanks for sharing,

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