In the Process: 14/365

In the Process 14/365

I have been procrastinating with this piece, driving myself crazy with guilt and finally after opening and closing my Final Cut software.

Finally, after adding more photos and just skimming the surface, I plunged into it  as the deadline came closer and in the middle of the process, I am smiling.

Yes, the last snow storm was perfectly timed and my deadline moved up a week, YES!

So now that I’m in the process I can take advantage of the extra time to play in my process. Of course there’s a lot of media over the last few months of Dover IC group sessions, teacher team and student tech team work. Lots of video, lots of photos and slowly I started to get to know what I had and what would be worth moving to the time line for consideration.

So I’m moving along. I have an opening, some key moments, and a sense of what I want to bring to my audience.

This is what progress in the Dover IC looks like (to me).

I love this particular photo.  Kids engaged, playfully  in the early stages of the project’s process.

I need to find a place for this, but for now, I’m leaving the work, but it’s always with me, in the back of my head, ready to move forward… during a shower, during a drive, when I least expect it… but I welcome the challenge now that I’m in the middle of the process!

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One thought on “In the Process: 14/365

  1. I love this picture too. Joy!

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