ESWPN at My Place: 15/365




Yesterday  morning I was home, up early. ready to work on the  food I had selected for the meeting from my shopping spree at the Fairway in Paramus. No, I didn’t shut the store down as I unloaded  my cart at the register, but I did wonder if I had enough food and more important, the right combination of food. Tuvia laughed and assured me that I had more than I needed and that was without  looking in my bags and yes, I knew he was right, but that’s the pressure on a hostess! Everyone was driving to me and I wanted to make it worth their while.

.A cup of coffee and Tuvia was off and I was off to get my place guest ready.

Ed, Joe, Melanie, Summar and Brian. Everyone was up and on the road as I reaadied myself and the place.

By 9:45 everyone had arrived and getting comfortable and moving to the food table to eat and work together for the next 4 hours. Just three of us opted for computer, two had pens and notebooks and Ed stayed free of utensils  to think and share ideas.

And the ideas began to flow rapidly, that is, after an Obama share out and an update on educational issues in NYC.

Then we began to create an agenda for the coming ESWPN weekend conference scheduled for  March 11-13, in Albany.

Slowly we found our  way to the heart of the NWP and all writing projects: studying student work.  We were cracking open the ESWPN coconut and delving into its heart, just  like many other groups in the NWP network.

We stayed at it until 1:15 until each of us started to lose steam even though Brian and Melanie and I had the energy to backchannel on  Twitter to the NWP community. And of course the food flowed from breakfast to lunch, interesting too that even though my coffee pot was full more of us preferred water.

Good thing Brian and Melanie shared the role of scripting our collective work on a Google Doc.  Yes, my computer was open and I was clicked around but  when it came to the doc, I watched the words appear.

So where are we?

We have a good start with Friday night and Saturday morning sketched out in detail and a skeleton for the rest of our precious weekend together, with a promise and commitment for more online sharing to come.  Now we wait to see what sites are coming and how many will be attending.  We do have NWP  grant money thanks to Melanie Hammer, new dean at Nassau Community College. And we have our Google Doc and we have a promise from the team that the planning will continue when we arrive in March to keep the ideas flowing.

What a way to spend a snow-free Saturday.  Although, that’s not totally true for Brian, given his 9 hour roundtrip ride from his upstate NY home.  He did hit snow as got closer to home… Give it up to Brian!

It’s comforting to know that we are working to sustain and nourish the New York State WP network.

More to come..

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