Published: 22/365 SOLT

I have a new digital composition finished. Yesterday I spent a few hours just cleaning up my 7 minutes, adding teacher and student names, cutting a bit from a long section, smoothing transitions and movement.

And then… a few clicks, time to create a new movie version on Quicktime, Tuvia took a look and understood move about what I do, the new version cleared Jack at Dover and

I sent it to Vimeo for online publishing…

30 minutes later I had a link to share…

on my Posterous, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Vimeo.. and email.

And the comments and feedback found me..

And that’s what I love about the web.. instant audience!

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4 thoughts on “Published: 22/365 SOLT

  1. Great work Bonnie! I really enjoyed this story. I can see that there is some great teaching and learning happening at this school. My teacher brain had so many questions!

  2. I loved the way this opened with the lovely guitar music and video of collaborations and discussions. This really set the stage for the video of interviews and discussion. What a lot of work this must have been! Great job!

    • Thanks Tara,
      I loved working on the this piece and continuing with the project until we get to end in the Spring!

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