My Favorite Movies: 26/365

My Favorite Movies: 26/365

I am avoiding a conversation on the State of the Union speech this morning because as usual, I want to LOVE  Barack Obama and something holds me back: he is not on the same page with me when it comes to education,

but he isn’t alone.  So many media pundits(not educators) agree with him that I wonder if we are living on the same planet, reading the same articles on education. So I’m leaving this hot potato alone for now.

But the Oscars, that’s a safe topic to take let’s get the popcorn bowls ready for Sunday, February 27,  the night before we leave for Aruba.

My favorite Movies this year are:

1. The Kids are All Right:

LOVED IT! Could be my favorite this year and one that I can to my all-time faves.

Up for: Best Picture, Best  Actress: Annette Bening, Best Supporting Actor: Mark Ruffalo, Best Screenplay.

Why not BEST Director? Oh well, Lisa Cholodenko was the heart of this piece and one of its authors.

2.  127 Hours: Big surprise!

Based on a true story, we know that the main character, passionate about climbing mountains and exploring on his own, gets his arm caught under a bolder and after much exciting trouble shooting, is forced he has to cut off his arm.Of course I was dreading that moment, but the film is so much more than that.  What a showcase for the acting of James Franco, deservedly nominated for Best Actor and Danny Boyle(Slumdog Millionaire) who directed the piece and was not acknowledged for the creative use of his cast and technical expertise to keep us riveted to this story of human courage and ingenuity.

3. Rabbit Hole

A serious movie, based on a play by David Lindsay-Abaire, about how a marriage survives with the death of a child.  Nicole Kidman was at her best. She looked  real and played this her role authentically with the support of her movie husband Aaron Eckhart and quirky mom, Dianne, Wiest.

4. Blue Valentine

Excellent, serious and well-made movie about the highs and lows of a relationship with great acting from Michelle Williams who was nominated and Ryan Gossling who should have been as well.

5. The King’s Speech

Thumbs way up!  Great that Colin Firth, Geofrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter were acknowledged for their work, along with best director, best picture and probably a few more.  All good and an excellent selection.

6. The Fighter

Loved it!  A movie with a heart.

Great Cast:

Christian Bale, who took his role seriously and lost 30 pounds necessary to look like a drug addict. He sounds like someone from a small town in MA.  He is not Batman here. Amy Adams, who seems to always hit her marks but she’s competing against Melissa Leo from the same movie who was great too but has the more showy role.  Best Picture, Best Director are nominated  but Mark Wahlberg has been left out and he is the lead, the center and the heart of this piece. I would have left off Jeff Bridges or Jessie Eisenberg instead.

7. Winter’s Bone

Tough movie to watch, but an important view into poverty   outside the burbs and cities. Wonderful performance by the young lead, Jennifer Lawrence , who creates a resilient character and with this nomination, more people may get a chance to see her in this small gem of a film.

8. The Town

Ben Affleck returned to his hometown, Boston and wrote a piece that he cared about. He wrote it and starred in it and while Jeremy Renner was good enough to walk away with a nomination for best supporting actor, but Ben and the film was dissed here.

9. I am Love

This is an Italian movie with subtitles so that’s two strikes for many American movie goers but I saw it twice and loved it.  Tilda Swinden stars as a Russian-born wife of a rich Italian who is married to a successful businessman and oversees a very social family but something is missing for her and as the story unfolds she allows herself to explore.

Tilda Swinden is English and she speaks Italian throughout the movie. Wow!

One nomination for best costume design. Come on…

10. The Social Network

Good Movie.

I saw it on opening night and sorry, but it didn’t stay with me beyond the moment. It’s good but I’m not sure if it’s on my top 10 but I will leave it here for now.  I’m not rooting for it. Sorry.

And… I saw True Grit and honestly I don’t get what all the shootin’s for.

Still to see: Black Swan, Blutiful

What do you think?

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies: 26/365

  1. i saw the kids are alright after the golden globes. i liked it but my mother didn’t and apparently, none of her friends appreciated the depiction of julianne moore as a wishy-washy lesbian. to me, the movie was enjoyable but the acting and the plot were a little flat and cliched.

    i highly recommend black swan. i saw it last week, and it was all kinds of disorienting and thrilling and beautiful and really, just classic aranofsky. henry loved the score, which he says was brilliant.

    • Thanks for your insights Nancy. I will see Black Swan and keep an opened mind.
      And I do need to put a check in the mail to you. I’ve been sidelined with snow and a head cold, but I’m getting back to normal,

  2. bonnie, no worries! we have until the middle of next month, i believe.
    also, i meant to say, that i want very much to see the king’s speech! i think i’ll see it this week.

    • Great Nancy. Loved that one too. As for the authenticity of The Kids, it was based on Lisa Cholodenko’s life experience. I think the great thing is to see a different family on the screen and bottom line- the focus is on the family.

  3. I’ve got some catching up to do. I haven’t seen any of these movies, but they are all on my list!

  4. Agreed on many of your picks (and the State of the Union).

    I would add to your list “Animal Kingdom” which was phenomenal, A Prophet (technically 2009) and Mother—both foreign. And two movies I really enjoyed this year, Please Give and Greenberg.

    • Animal Kingdom, I never heard about it, but it’s now on my list. I did see The Prophet and Mother nope but I will. Please Give was excellent! Greenberg- I needed a good drink after that one.
      Great sharing movie pics with you Matt,

  5. i saw the king’s speech the other night. loved geoffrey rush, liked colin firth, hated helena bonham carter! i used to be a big fan, from room with a view but lately, every character she plays seems the same and in the king’s speech, she was precocious and overwrought.

  6. lynnjake

    I think four of these movies are in our theater today. It’s hard to choose which one to choose~

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