Parsons Dancin’ NYC: 30/365

Parsons Dancin’ NYC: 30/365
What a way to spend a Saturday night!

Yes, it was cold.  Yes, we had to grab bowls of chicken soup at your favorite diner at 5:30 on the way in.  Never know how the traffic will be driving into the City and on a Saturday night…

But we kept moving and arrived two blocks away from the Joyce Theater with a huge parking spot just waiting for us.

An hour to kill time, but there was no way I’d be walking in the deep freeze, but up and down 8th Avenue we had our pick of wine bars and of course with Tuvia, we picked one that was filled with diners and drinkers and in the mysterious darkness I played with my new camera and sipped a Cape Codder and I was more than ready for the

Parsons Dance at the Joyce!

Two hours of wonderful creations and as we moved from the new pieces in the first half to the old favorites after intermission, I was rockin’ in my seat to a gorgeous love dance, a storb extrazaganza flying solo and finally a set of Steely Dan with the full company.

What a pleasure to get to my feet fast!

Bravo! I’m still DANCIN’ in my head.

Off to the gym by 10 for me…

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One thought on “Parsons Dancin’ NYC: 30/365

  1. lynnjake

    I love this photo. It is so warm and cozy feeling. I like this new camera!

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