Icicles: 32/365 SOLT

I grabbed this shot and took off my boot and destroyed the beauty because tonight, the forecast is for more ice that could lead us to a loss in power.

All last week, as I camped out on my couch, dealing with my head cold, I took breaks to marvel at nature’s ice.  More icicles formed and I just kept shooting, but  like all good things, enough is enough…

Icicles have to go… How about the snow?

I still enjoy it and so far, it hasn’t rained on my parade.

How about you???


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6 thoughts on “Icicles: 32/365 SOLT

  1. Getting reading for an epic blizzard! My solution was to buy a lot of junk food.

    • Junk Food YES! I remember stocking up on junk food on the way home from school when I knew the next day would be SNOW. Now, older and wiser 🙂 I try to keep it controlled. Possibly a bowl of air popped popcorn.

  2. Enough with the ice and snow already! We were getting ready to record our digital stories today (you inspired me!) and were so bummed out about yet another snow half day. So I’m back home finessing what we will do tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. lynnjake

    NIce shot, Bonnie. I’m glad you took the pic before you smashed it! Soon you’ll be somewhere warm, right?

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