Slice #2 on Aruba Day 2: Paradise here but home?

This is the view from my room and to think, I wanted something even closer to the beach!  Good enough, right?  Especially when back home my fellow teachers are under attack and protestors around the world are putting their lives on the line.  It’s a world in turmoil and no one knows what it will look like until the dust settles, so yes, I’m in paradise and enjoying it, but never removed from the state of education I left behind.

Last year we were glued to the TV when the health care bill was passed into law and this year we come in and out, worried about the world and our back yard. I even sent a pizza donation to the protestors in Madison just before I left for Aruba, but will that be enough?

I’m already creating a mental list of organizations like PBS, PLanned Parenthood etc. who will need support when they are slashed in the budget, and of course I worry about the National Writing Project. It’s still more important to build missiles than to fund the future.

Good thing, that Obama is in the White House and the Senate did not go R in the last election.

It’s good to SLice and thanks to all my buddies who commented.  I am dying to get to reading great slices but my time is limited during the day and at night, when I could write or in early morning, the internet in my room is not working with me.

But this is paradise…this is paradise… Do we need the internet in Paradise???

I DO!  New Ipad 2 to be unveiled  in a few hours!

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6 thoughts on “Slice #2 on Aruba Day 2: Paradise here but home?

  1. I can feel the warmth in your picture. Isn’t vacation wonderful? You can leave the everyday world behind and live in a fantasy world for a short period of time. I have a trip coming up in the middle of the month, can’t wait!

  2. What a wonderful view to begin and end any day! Enjoy.

  3. I want to be in paradise too. Enjoy

  4. I know what you mean, Bonnie – I could not join in the big union rally in Manhattan, but I joined Russ Feingold’s new organization: Progressives United. It made me feel good…for about five minutes. Sigh.

  5. Christy

    I am just blown away by how thoughtful your slice is in the midst of that beauty. You are truly deserving of the escape because you truly appreciate it. A gorgeous picture, a thoughtful slice, and all from a gorgeous place (meaning the location AND the heart from which it all came). Today, we got word that Illinois is voting tomorrow to abolish school districts/school boards and go to a county-based school system. The consciousness of your words reminds me that there are fights worth fighting.

    • Bonnie I am so jealous of you right now. Please write more slices about your beautiful stay so I can live vicariously through you.

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