Day 3 Aruba Slicing

Good Morning Slicers: Still Coming to You From Aruba

Day 3 and we are in the Aruba groove.  We are getting used to doing less.  Sure, I want the internet when I want it, but this is a happy island, so maybe they don’t want to include the rest of the world. Okay!

I can not connect in the room but here, at breakfast, with the animals everywhere, hotel pets watching, I can hand Tuvia my iPad for his daily dose of the New York Times and I am free to click to the sound of the waterfall to my left.

It’s a good time to be away, to get some perspective just before the blast of Hudson Valley Writing Project work kicks in with something from on New York network and then of course the National Writing Project work to stay a float with the rest of the teaching community.  I see there’s an article in the Times asking, why are we getting bashed and disrespected?  Isn’t that the question we are all asking? And where is the leadership?  Where’s Al Shanker when you need him?  Randi Weingarten is willing to trade away tenure for that new teacher assessment approach.  How will teachers be assessed?  Yes, there are lazy teachers, but doesn’t it seem logical that teachers seasoned and experienced and dedicated have more to offer than brand new ones?  Should that be the question at all?  Should we be so willing as a country to dump teachers?

My question? How can we win the race to the top if we were in a race, that is, by gutting our forces?  Will schools provide what kids need?  Will classrooms exploding with students (40 +) be safe and productive environments for learning? What about the lack of services?  Eliminating nurses, librarians, music, the arts…

What will we be left with?

I know I am on Aruba time, but I am connected with you and how often can you turn off the maddness?

I think we all need to join the Wisconsin protestors, the Egyptians…Libians… this is the time to raise our voices!  Time for another march…I remember 1969 and the anti-war protesting.  I was right there.

Is it time again?

And that’s what I’m thinking about in Paradise!

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3 thoughts on “Day 3 Aruba Slicing

  1. I’m so glad you can be wrestling with such heavy topics under the watchful gaze of a leather skinned warrior. I’m sure he/she? would know just what to do given the chance!

  2. How can we win the race to the top if we were in a race, that is, by gutting our forces?: the key question of the moment. No one, it appears, has the answer.

  3. Christy

    I saw that article today, too. The picture of the protesters was sobering. I came across it while in tears during my plan period today. I didn’t know whether to be comforted that I am not alone or terrified that the negative perceptions of teachers truly do loom large enough to cloud over the nation. It is getting more and more difficult to remain positive. Enjoy Aruba for us all!

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