Slicing Day 4 from Aruba: Massage

We have been upgraded to a room with an ocean view and more important a king sized bed and so far internet without any delay and  I can still remember AOL dial-up and how happy I was when the line wasn’t busy. How soon we forget.

Anyway, since I was 25 or so, when I finally kicked my cigarette habit, bought my first serious pair of running shoes, marked out a 2 mile route through my town and started moving I have been focused on exercise and weight reduction… sometimes separately, sometimes on hiatus  and most effectively when they are working together.

As I get older it’s harder to keep up with both but I have come to love exercising at my gym with the guidance and support of my very young and muscular personal trainer, Anthony and since I’ve been feeling some aches and pains from a fall in May, I indulged and signed up for a massage in a hut on the beach

For 30 minutes I was oiled and worked on to my muscles’ delight. But 30 minutes came and went and the aches and pains returned so I promise that when I get home I will be making an appointment for something more serious: physical therapy.

But the memory of the massage lives on and the commitment to exercise and diet…will return but not quite yet 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Slicing Day 4 from Aruba: Massage

  1. This doesn’t seem to me to be the moment to obsess about hieing to a nunnery or whatever that line is about curtailment of pleasure. Dining, massage, strolling the beach, checking the blog, talking life & memories . . .that sounds more like what I’d do in Aruba. Hey! Why not here . . .

    • All good my friend, but my muscles ache…What’s the remedy? What are you thinking now that it’s official, the NWP is cut from the budget.

  2. Lisa

    Sounds heavenly!

  3. I can’t think of anything better than an Aruba massage. I’ve never had one, and I’m in Maine in the middle of the beginning of the end of winter. So anything Aruba sounds really nice! I love your photos, too!

  4. What a lovely place to relax and have your aches kneaded away. I have come to depend on my regular massages. They sometimes hurt at the time, but afterwards I feel so much better. It’s something about making yourself a priority I think.

    • It was great but I think I need something more…some physical therapy on my achy shoulders and muscles.

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