Day 5 Coming at Us

A slow internet has been driving me crazy finally in the last days of Aruba ’11 a well deserved  UPGRADE! after a fair amount of complaining on that first arrival day. Twin beds just didn’t do us justice!

But  the hotel is packed and has been  for months.  Last year when we were here at this same time, it was empty.  Is that a sign that things are getting better, even though public service workers are being asked to sacrifice we are  their high salaries?  Something is not correct! If you need some inspiration watch Diane Ravitch on the Jon Stewart show:

Anyway, for now I am enjoying the comforts of internet at my beck and call to write into the day and remember last night’s sunset, that was more important than a slow-paced dinner.

Tuvia and I and our glasses of wine and an Arubian sunset!

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14 thoughts on “Day 5 Coming at Us

  1. Oh…how nice…enjoy it for those reading who sit and look out at three to four feet of snow with a storm looming.

    • I hear you Wanda and as we head into the last days of this very short week, I’m glancing at the drawer that holds my winter clothes. It’s closed but not for much longer so for most of this SOLC I’ll be back with you 🙂

  2. Great picture! I don’t think I feel too bad about your slow internet! Makes me long for summer days….

    Happy writing–and Happy Vacation

  3. Picture perfect….I can feel relaxing ocean breezes and lazy summer thoughts just looking at this photograph! Thanks, too, for the Jon Stewart link – Ravitch’s book was excellent, how come Bloomberg did not tap her in place of Cathy Black??!!

    • Diane is way too much woman for Mike, don’t you think? I hear that Cathy’s home library is filled with self-help titles. Seems correct, no?

  4. I want to be on that beach, slow internet or not!

  5. the other ruth

    Love the picture! Glad you are enjoying the trip, and I’m guessing that those of us reading your slices are dreaming of joining you. I know I am!

  6. Lisa

    I love the photos of Tuvia. They say a lot. You should make an album for his kids/grandkids

  7. I forgot to look for your Aruban posts! I’m glad you’re enjoying warmth and relaxation–it’s snowing again today………

  8. Peaceful! Today was the first day I walked about in a sweater and felt like spring was possible. Beware the re-entry!

  9. I hope you are really enjoying it!!!

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