Slicing for 6 Days in Paradise

It’s the last full day in paradise and it’s just enough.

Thanks to a reliable internet connection in our upgraded room,  I am hooked into my world back home and next week is set.

It will be hectic and crazy but it will be the world that I know and love.

I will give up our aimless walks on the beach, along the beach, along the street of restaurants and shops…I will give up Mudslides a few times a day, I will give up being on vacation, just in time before it gets…


I need to be home, in the full life that keeps me on my toes!

One week in paradise….is enough.

So soon Slices will be coming from home.

I think I can’t wait.

Sound crazy?

Tuvia will be ready to leave tonight.


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22 thoughts on “Slicing for 6 Days in Paradise

  1. Jealous. It looks beautiful. Glad you had a great time.

  2. I must say, Aruba sounds amazing anytime…but especially right about now. I’m so ready to be done with winter! Safe travels!

    • Exactly Amanda,
      Beginning of March is the best time to prepare for the end of winter in a big way. But our jackets are out and ready now. Back home by tonight.

  3. lynnjake

    I love this shot. You look so relaxed, and the possibilities of the evening are in the setting. Glad you’ve had a good trip. Also good that you are ready to be home.

  4. grade4wizard

    Dear Bonnie,
    “One week in paradise….. is enough” I like how you had the moment of pause in the sentence. I can relate to this sentence. Though we all often dream of piece and quiet, too much of tranquility could turn into a torture for an active person.

  5. Bonnie,
    I understand completely. Our vacations are always between 6-8 days because by then I long to be back home and back in my routine.
    Your photo looks so relaxed…

  6. The photo matched with your writing helped me really envision where you were in your life, able to appreciate that you had time to relax but so ready to do what you love in your life! Thank you!

  7. Bonnie,
    Safe travels. Recharging batteries always seems invigorating. Here’s to life as we love it.

  8. I love how you post a photo to go with your post. This one helps set the mood so well! Enjoy your last moments.

  9. Love that photograph…paradise is paradise because it’s temporary. You’ve filled your souls with those aimless walks and sun-drenched days. You’ll have these to mull over even as your driving off on the next errand, completing that next task. Safe trip home, Bonnie!

  10. Home is always a good place to be, but you can’t beat a taste of paradise. I have loved your pictures! Can’t wait to see pictures from home and daily life. Be safe.

    • Hi Elsie,
      Thanks for checking in with me and yes, love paradise and on our last day we are still enjoying paradise but I’m remembering my winter clothes… it’s okay…

  11. It’s true that vacation can become boring. When Kons and I travel we like to go to several destinations. Somehow walking on the beach doesn’t get old when it’s different beaches!

    • Hmmm… a thought. I think though for us, a week of beach is enough. Although when we are in Israel, a week is just the beginning but then there’s more to Israel than the beach.

  12. I love how your post shows a gratitude for your vacation, rather than a longing for it to not be over yet. As always, it was a fun treat to see the photo you selected to go along with your slice.

    • Thanks V, nice to see you back for March now that my internet is with me. Home today so let the Slices keep coming.

  13. Christy

    “It will be hectic and crazy but it will be the world that I know and love.” I have heard this sentiment in your past few slices. It is clear that you appreciate the pause to enjoy paradise, but you know where your heart really belongs. I think there is a metaphor in those suspended feet somehow too- you will be ready to be grounded in your world again soon.

  14. Lisa

    Home should be a slice of paradise. Have a safe trip home!

  15. It is a good thing to learn just the right amount of time to be away – to make home a place worthy of returning to!

    • I think for us one week is enough here. We don’t gamble or live on that beach chair for a full day and the island is without museums, etc. So paradise is good for one week.
      The stimulation of Home is calling…

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