The Last Gasp of Crazy Aruba Fun ?: SOLC Day 7

I wonder, does this picture tell a thousand true words?

Can you tell how freaked out I am- nervous that this catamaran might turn over and even though I am in a life jacket and I can swim and I’m not alone, I am still FREAKED OUT and nervous and soaked.

We come close and closer to the Aruba light house andj ust as I start to relax, our experienced Arubian boatman explains that as he gets ready to reverse course ar I will have to move with the sail,  from the left side to right and I start freaking AGAIN!

Of course, probably out of sheer terror, I move almost gracefully from my side, into the center seat with Tuvia and then over to the opposite side as the sail follows.

The boat heads for shore and we sail with smooth speed.  I am smiling, really smiling and relaxing, almost.  But that’s not the photo you get to see.

On our last Aruba afternoon we are sailing, a bit and drenched from the experience and I promise the boatman he will see us again, someday 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The Last Gasp of Crazy Aruba Fun ?: SOLC Day 7

  1. Bonnie,
    We all experience fear, but overcoming fear and trying things that take us out of our comfort zone is the real test. Take omfort from putting yourself on the line -or on the boat…
    They say every stop is a place to start. So as your Aruba time ends, your mind can turn to your next adventure.

    • Let’s say, it could have been worse. The water was not choppy so the fear factor remained just under the surface, but the potential was there.
      We watched a group of kids on a wild ride together. A girl fell off and she thought nothing of it. Just waited to be picked up.
      I don’t think I would have ever been on that, even though I can swim.
      Just not for me. I know what I can do and what is just not fun. Maybe that’s what you learn over time.

  2. Lisa

    I can not express how jealous this photo makes me feel.

  3. I will be right with you Lisa in just a few hours now. It is really hot here right now. I need to remember that. 🙂

  4. I love how you talked about how many “true” words a picture can tell. When I first saw the picture I was thinking you were relaxed and blissful. It was a fun contrast to realize that you were really a bit terrified about the whole experience.

  5. Great picture of someone who has been in Aruba for the last week or so. Bring that smile home!

  6. It’s funny but when I saw the picture I thought you were having a great time. I didn’t think of fear and terror. I wonder what kind of story a group of students would create from your picture.

  7. I agree–you do not look freaked out. Really, I thought you looked like you were having a blast!


  8. MaryHelen

    I love the way you craft your words to show your moments of terror. I can almost hear your voice shriek in unsureness. Thanks for sharing. The photo looks great. Keep the smile on the way home. Post it in your classroom so when you have moments that make you feel depleted, you can remember that you faced fear and conquered!

  9. It must have been exciting. Fear and anxiety come in many forms. You must have an adventurous spirit to tackle something like this that causes you anxiety. You did a great job of letting us share your ride.

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