One Last Aruba Blast: 8/31 SOLC

I’m home and remembering sunsets in Aruba.

It was a long last day as we savored a last morning with a beach walk, breakfast outside with the waterfall, the hotel iguanas in the glory of summer living.  We packed and then we waited for the bus to the airport and then on the lines for tickets, through Aruba customs, US customs in Aruba…and waiting with a small pizza(cold) and junk food. Finally we were on the plane and ready and then… we sat for another hour…waiting for a couple to get through security.


But finally we were up and flying and I love a good plane ride even in the tiny seats.  I was still in my sandals, refusing to accept the coming winter reality.  I opened my computer and ran through my set of photos and this Aruba Sunset held me in its grip and this morning I am home in my winter pjs holding this moment.

I have a free day ahead of me to wash clothes, read my mail, work on a digital piece for Thursday,read Slices 🙂 and breathe in home over the Hudson.

As I look out the window, there’s that familiar frost but basking in sun. One out of two is not bad right?

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11 thoughts on “One Last Aruba Blast: 8/31 SOLC

  1. stuckinmypedals

    Gorgeous shot, Bonnie. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously.

  2. I loved reading your slices from Aruba and seeing your pictures. I will miss them. They warmed my winter heart…but looking forward to reading about your real life. Will you post pictures then too?

    • HI Deb,
      I just sent you a comment on your post. 🙂 Home and ready for posting. Yes, I always write with images in a photo a day challenge.

  3. jee young

    Great description of your last day in Aruba. You must miss it! I could wish for some warm spring weather right now…. 🙂

    • Hi Jee,
      It’s good to be home. It’s good to be home! I am ready for a full week of work to balance the week of play.

  4. Love your picture! Travel days can be so tiring, which makes home feel so good. Welcome back, looking forward to your slices from home.

  5. Welcome back to frost, sun, laundry, familiar sights, and stacks of mail to be sorted. There’s always these tasks, both on the ending of a vacation (so aptly described in your post) and on the picking up of our lives. Lovely photo, lovely set of posts.

  6. I love the fact that you flew home i n your sandals…bringing along with them that Aruba sand and surf. Wecome back, Bonnie!!

  7. Hard to let go and yet wonderful to be home…nice that you have photos, a day to recover before facing the reality of the end of winter in the northeast. Thanks for sharing that beautiful photo…it made me look forward to sunrises on the river soon to be spectacular.

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