HSH: Slice 9/31

Good Morning from my home over the Hudson!

I am officially HOME and Happy to be right here. Of course, I loved Aruba, especially when everything is brown and frosted here but home is more than the last gasp of winter.

Home is your life anchor and I can’t really be without it for too long.

So, I spent yesterday anchored on my couch with a bit of movement to the kitchen, the washer/dryer to clean the summer clothes and put them away for now.  I did leave out one pair of sandals 🙂 (bedroom slippers for now).

And I worked with all my digital tools to create a new piece for our Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Spring Renewal set for Thursday.

What a great day to be back home.  I’m off to observe my excited student teacher.  I just hope the toxic tone in the our world doesn’t turn her away before she gets a chance to create an anchor in our profession.


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16 thoughts on “HSH: Slice 9/31

  1. jee young

    Wow, that last sentence is so powerful. She is coming into the profession of education at a hard time, but hopefully you can help her realize that it’s worth it! 🙂

  2. It is the anchor that soothes, cools, and has us coming back for more–never thought of teaching that way.

    • 🙂 Funny, I lived for a year in Israel and I felt after a while, anchorless and it was scary. I had to go home.

  3. I agree. Even during my best vacations, I reach a point where I just want to be home.

  4. Lisa

    I was thinking about pulling my sandals out the other day, and now I think I will (to wear around the house!)

    • I’m wearing mine now, with heavy socks. Looks like our Summer Institute SPring Renewal could be canceled if there’s snow here tomorrow.

  5. Welcome home!
    (Did you know there is advertising on your blog now? There is. I took a screenshot if you want to see it.)

  6. Welcome back.. your writing session with the bright young student teacher was a great way to get back in the groove of life in the Northeast!

  7. “…but home is more than the last gasp of winter.” LOVE this part of your sentence! Our third grade class has been working with mentor sentences and craft a la Elizabeth Hale (Crafting Writers) and this part popped out to me. I’m thinking now about what makes it good and how I can use it.
    Good because it takes a tiny bit of what makes home what it is and describes it so dramatically and unusually, making it sound like so much more! I’m going to try it with some sentences. Welcome home.

  8. Wow that’s so cool, Charlene.

  9. I like the way you wove the word “anchor” throughout your piece. I also like the way you described home as “brown and frosted.” It is brown here too but not frosted. Yesterday it rained and rained and all the snow melted. As I was walking out of school today, I saw lots of garbage on the grass that had been hidden under the snow. Yuck.

  10. Christy

    toxic tone- well put, and alliterative to boot!

  11. Bonnie, I love this! I love that description of “home” as “anchor” … and love that you give “anchor” such a warm, positive meaning. And I relate so completely to this. As much as I loved my time in Jamaica, I also loved walking back into my house. I love hearing the good morning of the 7:20 train whistle, love seeing my pens just waiting for my hand. Welcome home!

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