Beginning Again: 11/31 SOLC

I am up first and writing in this bright kitchen.  It’s gloomy outside to my left but there’s a promise that when it’s time for me to get going, the sun could make an appearance.  This is not like a start of the day in Aruba, that’s for sure, but I’m not complaining, just observing.

I am listening, with my right side, to the morning news: the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the campaign of  Republicans to destroy unions, and lots of political talk.  And I don’t know what to click to next on my computer.

So the day begins again for me, flitting around before I make the push into the day beyond this familiar kitchen.  Still working without oj, coffee and bit a breakfast, but that can’t last for long.

Another writing project event begins tonight: our New York State network will be meeting in Albany, New York for the weekend.  Albany is not Aruba, but I will be away from home and from Tuvia,  sleeping in another hotel bed, sharing breakfast in a Best Western lobby with writing project friends to consider how we work together as a state network in this new educational environment with the national network is such jeopardy.

I have my bag packed with clean clothes and my car filled with a fresh tank of gas.

Seems like I am always in motion…

But on Sunday afternoon, after a weekend of intense conversations with smart teachers from across the state, I will race back here, to this kitchen for a Tuvia made cup of coffee and short break before he takes the wheel and we head for NYC  for a concert at Lincoln Center: My first live experience with Beethoven’s 9th!

Bring it ON!

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9 thoughts on “Beginning Again: 11/31 SOLC

  1. As I read this, it went slowly in the beginning (taking your time in the morning), but your words picked up speed as it raced to the end (a busy weekend with lots of travel). I am going to have to study this further to see how you did this. Great post!

  2. What a great set of plans all for one weekend! You are certainly filling your life up with a variety of events and people. Isn’t that what it is really all about…living life.

  3. Too terrific!
    Everything–the slow morning, the nearly breakfast, the plans for the day, the weekend and then Ode to Joy. What an apt ending. Have a great time!

    • I listened to it all the way up to Albany! Thanks Elizabeth. A great inspiration for MOnday’s Slice.

  4. Love the picture with the full outlet! You are so plugged in Bonnie. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You ARE always on the move – and the world is a better place for it. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Albany!

  6. Christy

    There is something about your voice that is wise and comforting. “This is not like a start of the day in Aruba, that’s for sure, but I’m not complaining, just observing.” This line is so grounded. Through your slices, I am coming to see you as sort of my cyber-mentor as I am lacking face to face mentors to look up to these days.

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