Renewal: 10/31

Every year the Hudson Valley Writing Project holds renewal events for the members of their summer institutes, as way to bring the community of 18  teacher consultants back together again to give them time to reconnect with their SI community for personal writing and reflection and sharing their classrooms.  It’s a way too to encourage them to create ties with the greater writing project community.  Our summer together was just the beginning.

I’ve been back from Aruba for just two days and the threat of snow, sleet and rain, lots of rain was back on the table as a possible cloud to this renewal  that I wanted to have happen, especially since I was just finishing a new digital piece for this event.

I was home in winter, clicking to and glued to our local channel 12 and hoping that I would not get a snow call from Katelin at 5:30 in the morning

No call necessary.  We were safe.  Yes, there was some rain but NO ice or snow. Maybe flooding, but that would be later in the day.

At this moment I am writing with our SI community, for the last time. Hopefully, some, most, all  teacher-writers-learners  in this circle will join other HVWP circles.

But for today, for right now as they write from the digital piece I have just share- a digital document of the evloution  of our writing lives this year.

I am blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Renewal: 10/31

  1. Wonderful, Bonnie! I’m so glad the weather didn’t get in the way of your retreat.

  2. Bonnie,
    There is something so rewarding about writing in the company of fellow writers. For me, this is one of the greatest joys of the SOLSC – the shared experience. There is power, motivation and support. I can see you are bringing some mindfulness with you after Aruba. Keep on enjoying the moment.

    • Agreed Ms. M,
      Communities of writers keep me writing…Aruba keeps me warm. My sandals are now my bedroom slippers.

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