I am writing along with the Empire State Writing Project Network.

I’ve been leading the opening prompt focused on JOY: in the classroom, in our writing projects, in our lives…

We are now on the last of the trio and I’ve moved away from the leader role for a few minutes to write this post in the active silence of writing.  In this very troubling and toxic environment for teachers, students and everyone connected to education, everyone, right,  it’s good to be thinking and creating moments of joy memories.

It looks like everyone in this group of 25 wants to keep writing and I will be ready to capture as much of their products as I can on tape…

8 Hours Later:

A full, productive day and I can’t talk, I can’t think, and for an hour I back in my Best Western hotel room watching a bit of news and melting down in my own space but not for long.

Dinner in less than an hour with the group and their energy will fuel mine and we will end this wonderful event connected for the future.

We spent our time writing, sharing student work and looking at one piece by a student of Dorian’s. Ed led us through his protocol. We all wrote comments to the student and then…

Lunch.  I raced back to the hotel for my battery charger.  A new digital piece could be in the making.  Lots of data to gather but only with a charge. Jenn came along to direct me.  Honestly, this was once my campus but I it’s like I was never here. 1973- a long time ago :).

In and out of the hotel and back for the leftovers. More than enough for us.

We needed a bit of planning for the afternoon with our small team and we were off for the last exercise of the day:  Where we go from here as a network?

Now here is where I lost total energy and fell asleep for a bit in the back on a chair.  Some people saw me shut my eyes, but left me to my napping and when I woke up I knew I had missed the plan and I was out of it.

I joined a group, listened politely to an initial conversation, and then I consiously  led a cool woman from a new site  into a great conversation that had nothing directly to do with the group’s charge but the other half of the group took their assignment seriously and didn’t make us feel guilty.

All good!  One last share. One group photo and I selected a casual, goofy one, more interesting than the more posed and formal version don’t you think?

Great DAY at SUNY Albany.

Beethoven tomorrow- dessert!

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7 thoughts on “ESWPN: 12/31 SOLC

  1. I love workshops/conferences that are relaxed and allow me to find/create my own learning rather than drink the kool-aid of someone else’s design. These are few and far between, though. It sounds like your day was wonderful!

  2. You must be exhausted, I am from imagining your day. It’s great to be with others who share your passion.

  3. lynnjake

    Looks like a good group. They seem to still have lots of energy even after a long day. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. You are very right about the times Bonnie. I saw Diane Ravitch speak today. She made some really salient points.

  5. Thank you for these words: “In this very troubling and toxic environment for teachers, students and everyone connected to education, everyone, right, it’s good to be thinking and creating moments of joy memories.”

    And, yes, a good choice for the photo. 🙂

  6. Summar

    It was great how our opening theme of JOY was transferred to other areas of discussion and writing throughout the weekend. It was a good choice and something that was clearly needed by the whole group. It’s a good thing we stayed away from that depressing article (which, by the way I emailed to all of colleagues and they were not happy with the mood I put them in that day).

  7. Your word choice about toxic environment – is so right on. It seems that destroying the education of this country is at the top of many peoples to do list. Thanks for sharing hope.

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