No Dull Moments Allowed: 15/31 SOLC


Next Event Coming and this morning as I was clicking the reply all button on a group email,  I wondered, could we make this happen?

Half the team can meet together on Saturday and the other half the following Saturday and even though it would be nice to try and work together on a Google Doc, there’s still nothing better than a face-to-face, right?

I am reading an interesting book about that right now as I move along on my gym’s treadmill.

Alone Together: Why We Expect More for Technology by Sherry Turkle.

Life seems to be about multi-tasking and double and triple booking, that is since I flew from Arbua time.  We returned home last Monday night. Just one week ago?

And can it be on the Ides of March that we are half way to the end of our month of Slicing together?


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3 thoughts on “No Dull Moments Allowed: 15/31 SOLC

  1. Heather

    Multi-tasking as a skill? Can you imagine if that became a standard required to be taught to all students. The ability to use time to it’s fullest when in truth all we are doing is wasting the time we actually have. I find myself at times multi-tasking my multi-tasking. That’s crazy! I feel like I have to step back and reassess the situation – determine if this is really how I want my day, my life to go. Some great thoughts you have there.

  2. True, about keeping up the momentum of our lives – making the most of every day. I’m glad I read your post – I just posted about feeling weighted down by events, and it was good to hear a positive voice amidst my gloom…

  3. MaryHelen

    Wow. Face-to-face. I find it to be the best. Yes, technology helps, but much is said when you are with someone. It’s more personal, more risk-taking, more vivid. Mult-tasking is a must in my motherly, coaching life. It’s the moments I step back and reflect or the moments I am with uplifting people that I am able to stay sane. I guess that’s why I have been enjoying the SOL challenge – I’m connecting with people that allow me to reflect and become more personable, even though it is through technology. 🙂

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